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A Chance To Succeed

Tamani is a Foundation committed to helping students meet the rigors of secondary education through an English immersion Nursery and Primary educational program. Learn more


Heartwarming happiness <3

This experience turned out to be something I would have never expected. The beautiful beach was definitely breathtaking, but the kind welcome and love we were received with is what made the trip so touching. Zahra and Fehmida bent over backwards to make us feel...

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Tamani will never leave me

As I reminisce about my volunteering experience at the Tamani Foundation, I encounter an overwhelming sense of nostalgia. I have left Tamani, but Tamani will never leave me. It is difficult to identify what I loved the most. Was it the pristine, sapphire ocean, a...

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From Stina with LOVE

When I arrived to Tamani I was extremely nervous because I had such high expectations that I never thought anything could live up to. But Tamani proved me wrong. Already on the first day at Tamani the staff treated us great. They welcomed us very well, showed us...

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