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A Chance To Succeed

Tamani Foundation is committed to providing free Nursery and Primary education to the local village in Matemwe. This enables the students to meet the rigors of secondary education. Learn more


My Wonderful Experience at Tamani-By Zishan Somji

 My first glimpse of Matemwe village, as we crested a hill, was a mix of squalid mud huts and cement structures nestled amongst waving palm fronds and a backdrop of the bluest ocean. My first impression was reinforced the longer I stayed. A place of stark...

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My Wonderful Experience at Tamani

Tamani Foundation is a wonderful school with amazing teachers and a great headteacher. I feel very grateful to have been given an opportunity to volunteer at Tamani Foundation and I am extremely thankful to the founders of the organization. On the first day of...

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My Experience at Tamani Foundation – By Karin

Introduction By chance I met Fatima Somji, one of the founders of Tamani Foundation, at the airport. We exchanged a few words and she gave me her phone number. That was the beginning of something I wanted to do my whole life. From February, 7th 2022 to February 18th I...

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Award Day and Closure of school at Tamani Foundation School

“Recognition is the best motivator” Tamani Foundation School commemorated the Award Day ceremony at the assembly for primary classes, at the end of Term one. The top three position-holding students in each subject, students who exceeded performance in overall subjects...

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In preparation for National Examination for the year 2021 for Grade Four (4) and Grade Six (6), a total of 42 students sat for ABS examinations between the dates of 2nd of August to 6th of August. Tamani School is competing with nine(9) other private schools for Grade...

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Heartwarming happiness <3

This experience turned out to be something I would have never expected. The beautiful beach was definitely breathtaking, but the kind welcome and love we were received with is what made the trip so touching. Zahra and Fehmida bent over backwards to make us feel...

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