Zanzibar, with its deep history, has been a meeting point of many cultures. The cross-cultural existence of varied backgrounds has been a melting pot of economical, architectural, social, and political systems to name a few. This has provided a unique perspective on coexistence for many centuries. For the seeking mind, spending time on this scenic and slow paced island provides a contrast of past and present, east and west, with valuable insights into one’s own worldview through immersion in the local culture.


At Tamani Learning Center, we provide an immersive experience by designing different volunteer programs depending on the length of stay, combined with the interest and experience of the volunteer. We put a great deal of effort into creating volunteer programs that maximise benefit both for and from each volunteer.  Volunteers gain valuable exposure and skills in areas of personal development, classroom management, cross-cultural engagement, and international development to name a few. The programs are designed to make every individual volunteer fit the current needs of the organisation.

We are grateful for volunteers who wish to help us fulfill our vision. By providing free and high quality education to the children of Matemwe, we can help improve their lives by providing a foundation on which they can be more successful in pursuing their secondary education. The need for human resources is of the utmost importance in the Zanzibar educational system. Thus, anyone who seeks to help in any capacity, especially individuals in the fields of education and management, are needed and have an opportunity to make a difference!

Long Term Program

4 weeks or more.

Short Term Program

1-3 weeks.

Typical Day

An experience that lasts

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