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Tamani Foundation is a non-profit organization in Matemwe Village, Zanzibar.  Our mission is to provide access to free, high quality education to the local village population with the vision to enable learners to maximize the opportunities available to them. We currently operate a Nursery, Primary School and Adult education program.

At Tamani School, we provide an immersive experience by designing different volunteer programs depending on the length of stay, combined with the interest and experience of the volunteer. We put a great deal of effort into creating volunteer programs that maximise benefit both for and from each volunteer.  Volunteers gain valuable exposure and skills in areas of personal development, classroom management, cross-cultural engagement, and international development to name a few. The programs are designed to make every individual volunteer fit the current needs of the organisation.

We are grateful for volunteers who wish to help us fulfill our vision. By providing free and high quality education to the children of Matemwe, we can help improve their lives by providing a foundation on which they can be more successful in pursuing their secondary education. The need for human resources is of the utmost importance in the Zanzibar educational system. Thus, anyone who seeks to help in any capacity, especially individuals in the fields of education and management, are needed and have an opportunity to make a difference!

Due to the recent covid-19 crisis, our Grade 4, 5 and 6 were away from school for a period of 3 months. Grade 4 and Grade 6 are due to sit for their National exams in early November 2020. Hence, we are reaching out for volunteers for a crash Math program beginning August 2020 – End October 2020.

Criteria and conditions for potential volunteers:

* Form 6 leavers – aspiring for Universities in the Fall or

* Retired Teachers or

* Non-qualified retirees

* Tanzanian Citizen

* Period of Service: 2 weeks – 3 months

* Accommodation and meals will be provided on campus

* Transportation at own expense

* For non-citizens, there will be a total permits fee of $450 for up to three months.

* Proposed method of instruction could be one-to-one, classroom teaching or Teacher Training – depending on the capability/preference of the candidate. This will be determined by the Academic Manager.

* Opportunity of short outings to Stone Town, in and around Matemwe will be encouraged, swimmingpool facilities will be available at Tamani Villas – depending on schedule. 

For more information please visit www.tamanifoundation.org

Please respond with CV’s to: [email protected] If you need to speak to the in charge personel kindly call Madam Hinda through

+255 777 180 949